Wretched (Never After Series)

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Wretched (Never After Series)

Wretched (Never After Series)

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Yeah, starting to burn? That’s hydrofluoric acid for you. Do you want to know what it’s doing as it melts through your skin? It has fluoride ions that migrate through the body, destroying tissue until it lodges in your bones.” Warm- a medium level of sexual tension, a balance of sexual and emotional intimacy, lighter on the details in the sexual moments. Hair-Trigger Temper: Justified. Eveline has a short temper and little impulse control, which requires her to count down numbers in her mind just to calm down. I’m curious to see what the next book in the series is going to be. I still think a Little Mermaid would be interesting, especially from a dark, fractured “re-telling” perspective. But that might be hard since I doubt there would be actual mermaids involved (these don’t involve magic or fantasy creatures, though that could always change), but it could be pirate-themed, which would be interesting. Have you read the Never After Series or any of these books? If so, what did you think? Cody is also revealed to be an undercover agent sent to catch the supplier of the Flying Monkey drug.

Big Brother Worship: Gender-inverted. Eveline has loved and idolized her late older sister, Nessa, even after her death.I also stream a variety of things over on Twitch with stream highlights and VODs posted on my YouTube Channel, and clips shared on my Clips YouTube Channel.

The tension swirling around our bodies is overwhelming, and I don’t know what it is I’m feeling, only that nothing else has ever felt like it. Opening her eyes, she twists in my arms to look up at my face.” But Nicholas Woodsworth's real secret is much more dangerous than an alias. He's an undercover DEA agent, and he's hell-bent on destroying the drug trade that devastated his family. When he realizes the youngest daughter of the Westerly empire is the same woman he's been fantasizing about since that night at the club, attraction wars violently with disgust. Evelina embodies everything he's against, and he's been sent here to be her downfall. Yet the more they learn about the darkness in each other's hearts, the more alike they seem, and when hatred turns to something more, Nicholas will have to decide whether he can love a wretched woman, even if it means bringing both of their lives to ruin. The Irish Mob: The Westerly family, with Farrell carrying pride in his Irish heritage as the leader, is basically this with their drug trade built on profit. Steamin’ up the room -the sexual content is more explicit in the language and tone, heavier amount of sexual scenes. Et Tu, Brute?: When Cody reveals himself to be a federal agent working undercover as a way to get dirt on Eveline, she expresses these thoughts to him as he was about to arrest her.Big Damn Heroes: Nicholas arrives in time to shoot Cody, preventing Eveline's arrest and allowing her to escape before the feds arrive. Parental Favoritism: Eveline's mother, Glinda, showed more affection for Dorothy than her other daughters in the past.

Grief is a weird thing. It’s the only emotion in the world people claim to understand yet treat as an inconvenience. “Time heals all wounds, Evie.” Spare me. Time heals nothing. Just gives things more space to grow and fester and rot.”Nicholas Woodsworth is an undercover agent with a hatred of criminals and an eye out for pretty ladies. When he enters the Westerly drug trade under a different name to undermine them, his path crosses with Eveline - who he had met once in a club before taking the job. This feels different. This feels like more. Rough and messy and a thousand different shades of wrong. But if I’m her calm, then she is my chaos, and if I can’t live with her forever, then I don’t want to live at all.”

I found Wretched to be a badass dark romance that will stretch the limits of your morality, open your eyes to hidden depths, and will fascinate you with the connections to the Wizard of Oz. It’s a magical dark edgy romance that will get your blood to pump and your heart to race and keep you enthralled from beginning to end. In Love with the Mark: Despite working against the Westerlys in secret, Nicholas inadvertently falls in love with Eveline (who is the supplier of the Flying Monkey), which she slowly reciprocates. The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry: Eveline has always been at odds with Dorothy since childhood. Though they can't stand one another, something keeps bringing them together. Both come into conflicts as ugly truths come to the surface and the pair come to discover more in common than they believed. Notorious Parent: Farrell Westerly is the leader of the drug trade with a criminal rap sheet, and the father of Dorothy and Eveline.Eveline Westerly had lost her older sister, Nessa. What's more, she is part of her father's drug trade empire that distributes a powerful illegal drug called "the Flying Monkey". When new recruits are brought in, she can't shake the feeling something isn't right about them. This is a book that is one of my most anticipated reads of the year and after reading the first two books of the series, I really loved what the author created with this series. There was a TON of hype surrounding this book, especially on bookstagram. It is a more unique retelling, this is where we have a “Wizard of Oz” theme to it, it’s not a straight-up retelling, but I was really intrigued by how this author was writing this series here. I really wanted to see more of what this author would deliver in this story. Now I won’t lie in that I was nervous as the author had written a heroine that is the villain (kinda). But honestly, I felt like its very rare for a anti-heroine to work for me, but i did like it for the most part even though it didn’t quite work as much as I had hoped for. I do think that this book is a bit overhyped, in my opinion,. While I liked it overall, the first book “Hooked” still wins for me. From BookTok sensation Emily McIntire comes a dark and delicious fractured fairy tale reimagining of The Wizard of Oz.

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