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My Sexy Aunt

My Sexy Aunt

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Hmmmph… mmm? MMMMPPHH!” She made more noise and wiggled around. Her eyes opened, and then her body completely tensed up and her head was lifted up. She was awake. She pulled hard against the bonds with great strength and was going to yell into her gag. She was trying to lift her head by pulling on her wrist bonds. Well basically just some people PMd me with ideas or had requests in comments of previous stories. Due to a number of circumstances I've been doing a lot of story writing lately, so it's kind of fun to do little mini stories or even rough ideas via PM. That's how this one started.

As someone said, everyone will find out somehow. Someone will notice you going over there a lot or some naught gesture outside her house. All you need is the wrong person to see anything to make them jump to the conclusion and all hell will break out. A wealthy, attractive, promiscuous 40-something year old woman with a penchant for younger guys and with a husband who's never around??? Aunt Lil went to the principal of Ardsley High and proposed that I attend summer school in Manhattan, where she could supervise me. If I passed my exams, she asserted, then I should be allowed to proceed to the ninth grade with the rest of my class. The school complied with her plan, and by mid-June I was in residence at 50 Park Avenue. Aunt Lil moved into the dining alcove and gave me the only bedroom.Another note, PLEASE READ: This is entirely fictional. Obviously I am not an expert nor do I condone using any dangerous or hazardous substances. This is meant as a light and fun story, based on a boy's fantasy. In short, do NOT try this at home/IRL. id hit it. i would have hit it that night. that is if shes a milf. and not just some old nasty lady.

She sighed and rolled her eyes a little, “Okay… but next time you want to tie me up, just ask me, you don’t have to chloroform me!”

Well dude, she came up to me and asked me for a smoke. She bummed one off and then we started talking." Well dude, see uh, I was hanging out the other day in front of your pad when your neighbor walked out." Well you said you wanted me to keep you company and have some fun! We’re together, and I’m having a ton of fun with you!” I said “okay, I think I have a way to make that happen!” She wouldn’t suspect anything of me, I was always her best-behaved nephew as opposed to siblings and cousins who she’d get a little annoyed with sometimes. She always hugged and kissed me a lot. Of course, when I was 9 or 10 I was a more pudgy kid with longer combed blonde hair. Now I was a little taller and more wiry, I had a dirty blonde crew cut and I did a lot of pushups for a middle school kid. I was very interested in sports and fitness, but I was also pretty shy and kind of square. Maybe for this reason, my aunt would always tell me how she thought I was a handsome boy, probably to try to make me feel more confident. She was a very kind lady. The Friday had finally come I had been looking forward to. The stars had all aligned; and I was to go over to my Aunt Chrissy’s after school for the night. It was just the two of us. I had hatched my little plan since the middle school science teacher had done an in-class experiment a month or so before. I was mesmerized by the science lab, and had always wanted to tie up my aunt. I had a couple of times as a little kid, but not since then. She was definitely the aunt who liked to play with her nieces and nephews, and wasn’t afraid to play jokes on us or even tease us a little.

Well I did, you didn’t have to finish cooking. I gave you a little break from all that working over the stove. I gave you, let’s see, 40 minutes now to rest!” An attractive, promiscuous 40-something year old woman with a penchant for younger guys and with a husband who's never around???Oh, thank you honey!” she said catching her breath and swallowing a little, as if somebody else had done it and I relieved her! She kind of looked around for a minute and then gave me a funny look. “So, uh, what exactly was this all about?” She said as she pulled her hand and ankle bonds up simultaneously. “uh well… I just thought it would be fun to tie you up, and I wanted to test out this stuff from school in science class. It’s called chloroform. I didn’t use much.”

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