Halo Infinite Master Chief with Assault Rifle 12-Inch 30cm Figure

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Halo Infinite Master Chief with Assault Rifle 12-Inch 30cm Figure

Halo Infinite Master Chief with Assault Rifle 12-Inch 30cm Figure

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The Weapon: " Chief? He's here." Escharum: " He knows I'm here. This was never a trap. It is a test of mettle. Our battle ends here. Bear witness! Our story will become legend. Told by those that survive you." — Escharum to John initiating their duel. [127] As with all Spartans, John strives to win at any situation, at all costs. Although the drive to win was ingrained to the Spartans as part of their indoctrination, John appears to have possessed such an inclination even prior to his conscription; as a child, he would win at any game he played, including chess, gravball or King of the Hill. [18] He is extremely determined to complete any mission at hand, and often disregards his personal safety to do so.

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At the Battle of Voi, John dashed towards what was believed to be the Ark. Instead, the artifact opened a slipspace portal to the Ark. With Marine support, John and Thel 'Vadam destroyed numerous Covenant armoured assets preventing UNSC aircraft from making a strike, allowing Lord Hood's remaining frigates to fire upon the landed Anodyne Spirit. Unfortunately, MAC rounds had little effect on the keyship, and Truth fled through the Portal with his remaining loyalist forces. The UNSC remained behind on Earth to determine their next move. [68] Stand down, Cortana. Come home with us. It's not too late to stop this." — John trying to convince Cortana to stop [12] Fable II makes a reference to the Master Chief with a character of legend named " Hal", also called the Minstrel Chief. The armor featured (clearly inspired by Halos MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor) is known as " Hal's Armor". [176] A sword resembling the Energy Sword is also featured in the game, known as "Hal's Sword". In addition, with the Special Edition, the player can obtain the title "Master Chief" for their hero for free from any title vendor.New From Dark Horse and 343 Industries: A Halo Infinite Master Chief with Grappleshot PVC Statue--and Exclusive Variant! Le Master Chief on the covers of Halo 3, Halo Legends, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and Halo: The Master Chief Collection, in Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, and in the Halo novels published by Milady. On March 3, 2553, Lord Hood commissioned a memorial near Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa in honor of UNSC service members lost during the war. The ceremony was attended by John's closest folks - Dr. Catherine Halsey, SCPO Franklin Mendez and his comrades - Frederic-104, Kelly-087 and Linda-058, as well as by Naomi-010 and Serin Osman, formerly known as Serin-019. John's Spartan tag was carved onto the memorial by an unknown party and was accompanied by the improper insignia of the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy. [7] Maître principal is the most correct translation for the rank of "Master Chief Petty Officer" in French, though it was never used.

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Our duty as soldiers is to protect humanity, whatever the cost." — Master Chief about what it takes to protect human lives [83]John and the Marines traveled through the jungle, searching for evacuation to a nearby military base. Johnson and his team split up from John and the Arbiter. The sergeant and his squad were captured by loyalist Covenant Brutes, although they were soon rescued by John and 'Vadam. After taking heavy fire from Phantoms, a Pelican dropship evacuated the team to a UNSC base known as Crow's Nest. [65] This is not your grave...But you are welcome in it." — The Gravemind to John-117 after capturing the latter [54] John has demonstrated easy familiarity with various weapons, though unless a mission specifically requires something, has shown a preference for the MA5 series of assault rifles as his mainstay. Halsey: " It's very nice to meet you. I wanted to ask you what you were doing?" John: " Winning." — Dr. Halsey and John during their first meeting. [18] Throughout his career, John has shown a preference for the standard-issue set of the given Mjolnir armor generation used at the time. His Mjolnir armor is invariably colored olive green with a gold visor, which has made his appearance iconic among humans and Covenant alike. At some point during his four-year cryosleep aboard the Forward Unto Dawn, Cortana used nanomachines to repair and physically alter John's MJOLNIR Mark VI armor. [72] [158] Cortana also rewrote the suit's firmware, altering the HUD as well as improving the suit's shield-recharge rate and its compatibility with Covenant and Forerunner armor plugins. [159] His upgraded suit displays the Braille characters "117" on the left of the breastplate.

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figure bases to stand and pose your figures on, these hexagonal bases can also connect to one another to create cool dioramas of figures together On February 9, 2535 John and some of his fellow Spartans were deployed on the human colony of Jericho VII in Operation: FALLEN WALLS. Covenant forces landed on the colony, where they encountered tough resistance from UNSC forces above the planet and on the ground, resulting in a three-day long stalemate. On the ground, Blue Team's mission was to draw out the Covenant rear guard, so Red Team could slip behind their lines and plant a HAVOK tactical nuke, destroying the next Covenant ship that landed and dropped its shields. John led Blue Team in this engagement, killing hundreds of Unggoy troops in the process. Unfortunately, the UNSC fleet lost control of the space around Jericho VII. However, Captain De Blanc was able to evacuate the Spartans aboard UNSC Resolute before the enemy fleet began its glassing of the planet. John requested to watch the planet being glassed. He observed the assault for nearly an hour as Jericho VII was destroyed. [36] John-117: " Spartans, this is what we've trained our entire lives to do. If we lose here, we lose everything. Let's send our own message." Spartans: " Sir, yes, sir!" — John encouraging his comrades [4] Just as the battle seemed over, a Flood-infested Covenant warship crash-landed in Voi. John and his allies fought to contain the Flood infection, eventually destroying the infected warship and recovering a fragment of Cortana hidden aboard the vessel. John retrieved the damaged data device and was brought aboard Rtas 'Vadum's flagship, which revealed a warning that High Charity, now overwhelmed and controlled by the Gravemind, was heading for Earth. However, she offered hope, hinting at a way to stop the Halos from firing and to neutralize the Flood. Convinced of the reliability of Cortana's message, John resolved to journey to the Ark, while Hood mobilized remaining UNSC forces on Earth. John accompanied a joint UNSC-Sangheili task force through the portal aboard the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn to the Ark. Shadow of Intent. [69] Installation 00 Main article: Operation: BLIND FAITH John appears as an Easter egg in Halo: Reach, asleep inside a cryo pod in the Pillar of Autumn's hangar. [172]Exiting the portal John and the Weapon found themselves inside a Forerunner structure known as the Repository. There the AI uncovered a message left behind by Escharum where he taunted the Spartan with a recording of Esparza being tortured and in which he embedded his coordinates so as to make it easier for John to find him. [128] Proceeding through the Repository, the Master Chief and the Weapon discovered many fragments and memories of Cortana, shining the light on the events that led to creation of the Weapon in the first place. Observing Cortana's cruel actions during the Created conflict, the Weapon was horrified and became even more devastated when she realized that she was an actual copy of Cortana. Afraid of becoming as merciless as Cortana was she restored her deletion protocols and asked Chief to delete her. John refused, insisting that they would complete the mission together, though while he didn't trust her, he wanted to. [128] In their first training exercise, John was grouped with fellow trainees Kelly-087 and Samuel-034 in a game of " Ring the Bell". John rushed ahead of his teammates and crossed the finish line first; however, he was befuddled to learn that his team had lost, as Kelly and Sam came last. This taught John the importance of teamwork and the next day, his team scored higher. John soon bonded with Kelly and Sam, who would become his first and closest friends among the trainees. [21] For eight years John was schooled in history, military strategy and tactics, and weapons, and was given extreme physical training. During his training, John used to tease Serin-019 and her habit of eating leftovers from meals of the other candidates. [22] By August of 2558, John had completed two hundred and nine military operations, including one hundred and thirty-six full campaigns; more than anyone other UNSC personnel on record at the time. [3] Though John has commanded nearly every Spartan-II at one time or another, the lion's share of his career has been spent as fireteam leader of Blue Team. His actions during the Covenant War earned him every major UNSC service medal and combat award, save for the Prisoner of War Medallion, as well as several dozen civilian honors. [3] [6] [Note 1]

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Late in the development of Halo: Combat Evolved, (when the game was known simply as Halo) Microsoft urged Bungie to change the main character's title from "the Master Chief" to "the Commando", as they felt that it better suited the tone of the game. [173] Xbox is building the future of gaming by putting players first, ensuring that you are at the center and in control of your gaming experience. Whether you’re exploring an expansive library of Xbox Game Pass titles with more than 10 million of your fellow gamers or taking your gaming on the go with Project xCloud, it’s clear that the future of gaming is brighter than ever. Keep collections to yourself or inspire other shoppers! Keep in mind that anyone can view public collections - they may also appear in recommendations and other places. While he is almost universally known to the public as humanity's champion, only a select few have gotten to know John personally.John's old Mark IV helmet is used as the "last thing" that SPARTAN-IV candidates see before beginning their evaluation and preliminary augmentation cycle. John: " Maybe someone up there is wondering what it's like here." Ellie: " I guess? Do you think we'll ever meet them?" John: " I hope so. Don't you?" — John stargazing philosophically with his friend Ellie.

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