ID-COOLING FROSTFLOW X 240 CPU Water Cooler AIO Cooler 240mm CPU Liquid Cooler White LED 2x120mm PWM Fans, Intel 1700/1200/115X, AMD AM5/AM4

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ID-COOLING FROSTFLOW X 240 CPU Water Cooler AIO Cooler 240mm CPU Liquid Cooler White LED 2x120mm PWM Fans, Intel 1700/1200/115X, AMD AM5/AM4

ID-COOLING FROSTFLOW X 240 CPU Water Cooler AIO Cooler 240mm CPU Liquid Cooler White LED 2x120mm PWM Fans, Intel 1700/1200/115X, AMD AM5/AM4

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There is also an ASUS Aura Creator tool that you can use to create your own RGB profiles, but the only fucntion I want on there - CPU temperature related colour changes - isn't an option. The Default temp one is pretty basic and poor.... The previous three AIO coolers we have tested have all performed really well, and all have walked away with our recommended award. This time we have our first 280mm variant from ID-Cooling, that comes with the promise of the very best value for money possible, without compromising on performance. RGB LED, 240mm Radiator, Copper Base, Dual High Pressure Pump, High Static Pressure Fan, Wide Compatibility This is my build and I'm deciding if i need to spend the extra money between the PCS FROSTFLOW 360 SERIES ARGB COOLER or CORSAIR H150I RGB PRO XT CPU COOLER, which one is better? the same? or performance? To test each cooler at idle, the minimum temperature is taken after leaving the PC with only start-up programs on Windows 10 being allowed to run for 5 minutes. After this, the minimum temperature with the core temperature being offset against the room temperature; thus achieving delta. Load Testing Methodology

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It’s been more than 5 months since we had an ID-Cooling product on our test bench, but today we wait no longer, as we have the privilege of being able to test their newest product on the market…namely the Frostflow+ 280. I'm actually unsure if the cooler being talked about here is the same as the PCS one. Looking at the ends of the heatpipes they look minorly different, although I'm sure it will do a very similar job. Regular visitors to Play3r will know that we have been impressed with the two 240mm AIO coolers that we have been sent by ID-Cooling to date… namely the FrostFlow 240Land the ICEKIMO 240W. This time we have one of the 120mm varieties on the test bench in the shape of the FrostFlow 120. Does half the size equal half the performance? Or will it rub shoulders with its bigger brothers on the Play3r CPU cooling charts? Immersive ARGB Lighting, 360mm Radiator; Extra Cooling Fan, Innovative pump control system, Enhanced Pump Design; Universal CompatibilityTo ensure reliability, performance and premium quality, we offer the option to use ASUS RoG STRIX graphics for our Liquid Series® water cooled PCs. The Thermalright Phantom Spirit 120 (and the almost identical SE version) are the improved successors to the Peerless Assassin series that shook the market last year. In all but the most demanding scenarios, they will perform just as well as the best CPU coolers on the market, while remaining just as quiet, for less than half the price. I have a PCS Cooler and use ASUS Armoury Crate. It is utterly rubbish software really but it works! It has a few default profile options. Another reason to use water cooling is if you have a slim case that doesn't have the space for a larger air cooler. On the other hand, a pump is much harder to replace than a fan if it broke, and while rare, the possibility of leaks within an electronic device can be scary. Regardless of which cooler you choose or need, this guide will cover many great options at every size and price point.

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The Ryzen 9 7900 has a TDP of 65W and the Frostflow 150 supports 125W, so as long as I match the fan performance I can't imagine there would be any cooling issues, as long as the fans fit the unit correctly. This is my question - does anyone know of any idiosyncrasies of Frostflow coolers that would prevent me fitting matching fans of another (quieter) brand? Very much agree on the PSU as well, you’d don’t configure it to your current needs, if the pc is configured correctly it should last 7 years or so with minor upgrades, those upgrades can only be done if there’s headroom on the PSU. Also, their own tutorial for Aura Creator shows the temperature dependent function - but it doesn't actually exist for any user it seems. The default one under Armoury Crate just changes to three colours Green, Yellow or Red, at temperatures that you can adjust. But you can't adjust the the colours or brightness and it doesn't blend between them - just instantly changes as it crosses the temp threhsold.Gaming PCs Liquid Series® PCs Video Editing PCs Pro Audio Computers Professional Workstations Desktop PCs With a dual-chamber pump, it makes sure that the hot water that's pushed toward the radiator doesn't get mixed with the cooler water pulled out of it.

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The cooler isn't sufficient for the processor, the 7900 can put out 140w at full load, that cooler is good for about 65w, that's why it's noisy because the cooler is overloaded.The 2 x 120mm included fans simply screw on with the included long threaded screws. There are 4 for each fan and although there are spares, these are for those wishing to go push/pull with 4 fans for maximum performance. Cooling high-power, high-end-desktop (HEDT) processors like Intel's Core X series or AMD's Ryzen Threadrippers with an air cooler is a formidable task. Typically, cooler manufacturers will increase the size of an air cooler to boost its performance and the overall amount of heat it can handle. But the finite amount of space and overhead clearance inside a PC case sets limits on how large an extreme air cooler can be. Given the larger die size and ample power consumption of today's HEDT processors, there simply isn't much room for HEDT air coolers to grow much bigger.

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