Fear The Reapers: A Dark Mafia Romance (Lovesick Villains Book 1)

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Fear The Reapers: A Dark Mafia Romance (Lovesick Villains Book 1)

Fear The Reapers: A Dark Mafia Romance (Lovesick Villains Book 1)

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I am def looking forward to Queen and def would recommend this book to any fans of RH and generally romance.

The Reapers of Caspian Hills Series - Goodreads

Trouble is bubbling between two of London's most notorious crime syndicates...To MI5, the tension between crime lords proves too good an opportunity to clean them out once and for all-start a war and let them kill themselves off one by one. But someo...PDF / EPUB File Name: Fear_The_Reapers_-_Jessa_Halliwell.pdf, Fear_The_Reapers_-_Jessa_Halliwell.epub Fear The Reapers is book one of The Reapers of Caspian Hills, a Dark Mafia Series where our heroine will end up with multiple love interests. This book ends on a mild CLIFFHANGER and their story will end with a HEA in Book Three. male MC’s: the leader, the psycho, the closed off and the charming one ✔️ (Den of Vipers had a better psycho, if I’m being honest. Dude was batshit.) There were too many questions left unanswered and I can’t believe that Stevie would just forget about her sister that way, what is her relationship with the brothers? She only had sex with one of them. Confusing and the plot twist came out of nowhere. Then it just wrapped up within real no ending. Also the whole thing with Mel suddenly wanting to be friends at the end? And how Stevie confesses her love for Atlas like two seconds before his fiancé suddenly decides she doesn’t want to murder the MC? I mean?

the Reaper (Fear the Reaper Book 5) eBook Kane: Born of the Reaper (Fear the Reaper Book 5) eBook

Hey Stevie,” Mel hesitated, “when you’re feeling up to it, would you maybe want to grab brunch or something?”

Wow, the similarities with Den of Vipers are way too much. I couldn't stop comparing certain scenes, characters, dialogues, and even inner monologues. The book was too rushed, and a lot of things felt undeveloped. I just couldn't buy Stevie's connection with the guys. Then AT THE END, ANOTHER FEMALE GETS INVOLVED AND STIRS THE POT AND THIS PREVIOUS GIRL SO HELL BENT ON KILLING THE HEROINE TOSSES HER HATRED ASIDE IN 2 SECONDS, HELPS SAVE THE HEROINE AND SAYS: Jessa you've blown me out of the RH waters. Thank you for writing a strong heroine and men who had no choice but accept her as such. This is a dark mafia reverse harem. Honestly don’t let the mafia aspect deter you because I wouldn’t have know if it wasn’t the books description. There’s no mafia verbiage throughout. Also this is labeled as a Mafia theme/trope and I failed to really see that anywhere in the book . : / I would say it felt more like a gang theme.

Books In Order - Books In Order - AddALL Brent Towns Books In Order - Books In Order - AddALL

Atlas, Enzo, Tristan and Cyrus are about to show this spoilt little princess that her mommy issues were not going to warrant any pitty from them. She may look like a fallen angel but she is saddly mistaken if she thinks that she will get any of them to feel sorry for her besides her twitchy behavior makes her seem like an addict herself.., why else would she walk into their world freely? First of all, the heroine is a strong one. Unfortunately sad events happened in her past that shaped her the way she is today. The Reapers are four fierce brothers that will not hesitate to collect what is owed to them.. no matter how unfair this sounds.The story is really hot and the whole atmosphere was really sexy between Stevie and the men. They clearly wanted her but they wouldn't act on it 🙈

Fear the Reaper Series in Order by Brent Towns - FictionDB Kane: Fear the Reaper Series in Order by Brent Towns - FictionDB

She loves writing romance only slightly more than she loves reading it. She’s been known to binge read novels then spend the rest of the day sulking over the massive book hangover. Um holy hell why was this so good! And why did I read ANOTHER book that’s part of an incomplete series 🤦🏻‍♀️ She expects it to be utter debauchery as the Reapers are known for their cruelty but what she finds are 4 harsh men and one she's funnily already had the pleasure of meeting up until that moment that she realizes that he had been stringing her along for years and is engaged. She also feels sexualy attracted to all of them and for once in her life she feels that someone cares. Even though she won't discuss easily her difficult past with them, they know that she has gone through struggles and they want to destroy everyone who hurt her. With all this said, I'm looking forward to the next book in the series to see the growth in Jessa and the see where the story goes next!Tough as nails lead female character. She went through a lot and she was a warrior. The men were twisted and they too also went through a great deal. I loooove that even though the guys are all brothers, they each have their own unique personalities! They’re all equally hot and my god... the spice was pretty nice! We’re evil, corrupt, mentally ruined individuals but let’s act like what the author said we wouldn’t act like.’

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