Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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From the Acton and Stanmore which can be paired to produce an insane stereo sound system – investing in the wireless Marshall Woburn speakers makes for a no-brainer as it is worth it. Most Aiwa Exos 9 failed to charge frequently online due to using an incorrect USB port instead of the designated charge port. Aesthetically, the Marshal Woburn’s heritage look and feel is evident in this multi-room speakers. They are morden, stylish and deliver impeccable sound quality. As expected, all of the speakers in this mordenised portable speaker range hail from the Martial heritage, making the Woburn big enough to escape the novelty product look and feel associated with classic brands like this one. AIWA is actually a pretty well established company with a large product offer, which includes headphones, like the ARC-1 Bluetooth headset that I reviewed before, and the pretty new EXOS 8 Party speaker, and the Prodigy Air TWS Earbuds. They are quite reliable and will provide proper warranty and support for you, although they are also sold a lot in stores that aren’t necessarily audio stores. Those stores should also offer a pretty excellent overall warranty and support, and you won’t have to rely on Aiwa alone, so if you see them being sold in your favorite electronics shop, you should totally go for their products, as they are quite reliable. I should also mention that after having had their ARC-1 Bluetooth headphones for almost a year now, I can confirm that they didn’t break so far. The Aiwa exos 9 wireless Bluetooth speaker delivers exceptional sound performance and can get as loud as 100Dbs when you fire up the front-firing tweeter speakers that are housed in this sleek speaker.

Aiwa | Legendary Speakers, Headphones, and Home Appliances Aiwa | Legendary Speakers, Headphones, and Home Appliances

Anyone who likes a thumping bass can be tempted to go for any other front-firing speakers, but what I personally love about the Woburn is how they deliver manages in reams of low-frequency response without muddying the entire mids. You will love the sound quality as It’s a clean, detailed, and dynamic, yet warm sound. We listened to more songs than those named in this playlist, but those are excellent for identifying a sonic signature. PRaT, Texturization, Detail, Resolution, Dynamics, Impact, and overall tonality are all revealed by those songs. We recommend trying most of the songs from this playlist, especially if you’re searching for new music! This masterpiece of a wireless speaker provides great and amazing sound quality provided by the Woburn. The volumes can go extremely loud without any distortion occurring and it has the ability to tweak the bass and treble levels is welcome. The Marshal Woburn speakers stand out as the best when compared to the Aiwa Exos 9 as they effortlessly connect with Apple AirPlay, you can stream content with Google Chromecast and the popular Spotify is also in there.With up to 100Dbs output, the Aiwa exos 9 Bluetooth speaker is one of the topmost rated loudest speakers for the garden, tailgating parties, and how loud this speaker is the one thing you will surely notice about it. Most portable wireless speakers charge through a designated USB port that is made available on each of pair. And the same applies to Aiwa Exos 9 which has a standard charging USB port located at the bottom edge with a label “USB Charge on it. The Aiwa Exos 9 is neither waterproof of water-resistant. As an outdoor portable wireless Bluetooth speaker, you would expect Aiwa Exos 9 waterproof, dustproof, if not water-resistant, to be used outdoors. Sadly, the Aiwa Exos 9 is neither waterproof nor water-resistant. Though Sonos are the grandmasters of sleek and style in the sound systems design, the new collection especially the Marshall multi-room speakers are in their own league as they certainly present a stylistic look and feel to the dominant Sonos wireless speakers. Putting the boom in this modern-day boombox is a 6.5-inch woofer which is designed to produce a hearty amount of party-driving bass well below the 60 Hz mark. Taking care of the midrange frequencies are two 3-inch drivers topped off by two 1-inch tweeters. The speaker uses multiple digital amplifiers (wattage not disclosed), and is equipped with a 5-band, user-adjustable EQ with fourpresets plus a battery-saving mode.

Aiwa bets comeback on big boombox-style Bluetooth speaker Aiwa bets comeback on big boombox-style Bluetooth speaker

It is a piece of cake to this speaker when it comes to filling very large rooms of houses with music. No wonder that the Aiwa Exos 9 portable speaker makes it an easy choice for outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts who ejoy having a BBQ in open spaces like the park and maybe you might need extra power to pump your tunes loud and far. Run a trial test by connecting your charger to a different device if you have one that is compatible. These steps help you to ascertain that there’s no problem with the AC adaptor. To start, the Exos-9 is big, heavy and loud, which makes it perfect for kid’s basement parties and both indoor and outdoor get-togethers. Even though the Exos-9 can be used outdoors, it is neither waterproof nor water resistant. Aiwa does offer an optional carrying case which gives the speaker an IPX4 splash and dustproof rating. It is equipped with the Marshall Multi-room app which is just straightforward with each zine speaker being toggled to single or multi, but it’s easy to see which speaker is live and playing. Pros and Cons

The front of the Exos-9 has two slots at the bottom that look like more bass ports but are decorative only. Near the top is a monochrome LED panel that shows EQ settings that are controlled from the top panel mentioned earlier.

Anything better than 2 Aiwa Exos-9? : r/Bluetooth_Speakers Anything better than 2 Aiwa Exos-9? : r/Bluetooth_Speakers

You should keep in mind that the speaker has a beautiful bass, but also has very good punch and dynamics, and although you won’t be able to ever take it for a trip in the park, you will be able to turn virtually any room into a true dance hall, the volume is really good, and this comes from someone who likes to listen pretty loud. While some of the features you get with the Woburn are not a good user experience, the ease of installation using the Google Home app on either OS makes it an attractive offering. Once you are done with installation, you can connect via WiFi or Bluetooth. Marshal Woburn Multi-room Wireless Speaker Design The Aiwa Exos 9 and the Marshall Woburn bluetooth wireless speakers look miles apart in similarities yet when you look closely under the hood, you can see how these two are not that different. But, which is better when you compare the Marshall Woburn vs. Aiwa Exos 9 wireless speakers? The Bluetooth has good range and is reliable, I was able to still have good signal, no dropouts, and reliable connection even from across two rooms, larger in size. This means that you probably won’t have issues even if you’re actually using the speaker at a party and dancing around. The battery has a life of about 9 hours, for a moderate volume level, but that will be cut a bit shorter if you’ll be using the speaker at its maximum volume, but in that case you’ll surely either be at a rave, or have the cops called on you for noise disturbance, and I’m not half joking, this is a loud speaker at maximum volume.The Woburn multi-room wireless speakers are both WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2 enabled type of speakers, that you can use straight out of the box as they are compatible with Chromecast, Apple AirPlay and Spotify Connect. The carry bag has an IPX4 roasted layer of protection from water splash and dustproof protection rating. Aiwa Exos-9 Battery Life: How Long Does The Aiwa Exos 9 Battery Last For? With so many portable speakers getting an IPX rating of up to IPX 67, more and more outdoor enthusiasts are looking for portable Bluetooth speakers that are weatherproof and dustproof altogether. But, how waterproof is Aiwa Exos 9 Bluetooth speaker? hours Of Battery Life from a full charge: The 9-hour music playtime you get from an Aiwa Exos– 9 full charge of battery life is the second-best longest battery for a portable speaker of this kind after JBL boombox. The JBL boombox battery can sustain music play for up to 22 hours.

Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth speaker review - The Gadgeteer Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth speaker review - The Gadgeteer

No doubt that Marshal Woburns is synonymous for practice amplifiers, and the portable multi-room bluetooth speaker does actually look like a small practice amplifier from Marshall. And, if I had my way with it, I would have loved being able to plug a real guitar in. Marshal Woburn Multi-room Bluetooth Speaker Demisions. Rich Shibley/Digital Trends Editor’s note: The images in this post are of a prototype unit and are not indicative of the final product’s aesthetics. This speaker is a multi-room speaker looking like a big Marshall amplifier that you might find on stage at a gig. This wireless speaker is compatible with AirPlay, Chromecast and Spotify Connect and there are also other two relatively similar wireless speakers apart from the Marshall multiroom in the ever-growing list of Zound’s Marshall collection. It should be noted that this is not a finalized version of the new Aiwa speaker. In the end, some different materials may be used, and the final product will be a little bit cleaner. For that reason, we’re holding off on a full review of the Aiwa Exos-9 untilwe receive a proper production model. Until then, we’ll be over here partying with our prototype.This speaker is just great. It weighs about 13lbs which is very light in comparison to it’s 7.5 x 11.7 x 19.4 inch frame The design is easily noticeable and draws the attention of many people to itself but it still is generic and forgettable. AIWA EXOS 9 vs Yamaha WX021 Music Cast 20–Yamaha has a pretty good little speaker for a similar amount of money, although depending on the sale going on, you may even find EXOS 9 running at the same price as Musiccast 20, which is usually a bit less expensive. In terms of size, Yamaha is much smaller. This being said, EXOS 9 has a battery and can be used far from an electric outlet, while Music Cast 20 is a little speaker that is meant to be used only near electric outlets, and it cannot be used portably. The sound is larger from EXOS 9, has much more bass, hits much deeper, with more impact, is more punchy and more dynamic. This being said, the midrange is much clearer, has more warmth and is more detailed, with more soundstage, when coming from Yamaha, basically the two being quite different from each other. If you want a little solution to add some music to your home, one that will sound sweet, detailed and delicate, Music Cast 20 is still highly recommended, while if you want a larger, heavier speaker that will create a real party and make everyone jump, EXOS 9 should really do the job. AIWA EXOS 9 is in a class of its own, being a bluetooth speaker, but not a very portable one, thanks to its weight, which is almost funny high, of about 7 KG, but it has a lot going on for it, including APT-X, a battery of about 15600 mAh, and even built-in EQ. Since it is a bluetooth speaker, it won’t have any pairings, and there are no actual comparison point for it at the moment, but don’t worry, as soon as I’ll be reviewing a speaker that matches its description, it will get compared to Exos 9. This being said, the Yamaha WX-021 Music Cast 20 is similar in concept and price, and Edifier Luna also works as a comparison point, and to make it three, I will also add Edifier S1000DB to the comparison list. The Aiwa Exos 9 is technically a niche product that will satisfy people’s needs on the market for a speaker that can play loudly both indoors and outdoors.

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