Feather Boy (Essential Modern Classics)

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Feather Boy (Essential Modern Classics)

Feather Boy (Essential Modern Classics)

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Feather Boy is the most intelligent book for youngsters I’ve read for a very long time. Every 12-year-old will see a bit of themself in Robert and won’t be able to put this book down until Feather Boy’s emotional, thought-provoking climax. Fabulous.” The book was adapted for television in 2004 and first shown as a series of six 30-minute episodes on the British TV channel, BBC One on 16 March. [1] It was later repeated as a single feature-length programme on 30 May 2004. Essential Modern Classics are relaunched in gorgeous new covers bringing these timeless story to a new generation. Robert Nobel is a 12-year-old shy boy who despairs of his newly divorced parents. Living in the dog-leg, he has to face many difficulties. He is the victim of classroom jokes and a victim of Niker, the classroom bully. He is hated and forced to do disgusting things. His life changes when a storyteller, Catherine, invites some of his class to Mayfield Rest Home. In there, he has to do a project with an elder called Edith Sorrel. Heart-warming, funny, with characters who make you like or hate them, this is a beautifully written book. It is a coming of age story for Robert as he has a truly remarkable experience. It is a coming to terms with life story for the old lady, Mrs. Sorrel, as she finds a way to settle the anguish and self-punishment she has put herself through for the past forty years. Out of all this come life for one and death for the other, both good and wonderful things. This is an exceptional story which I am delighted to have read.

A regular recommendation for anti-bullying week, Feather Boy is chosen by teachers for its empowering conclusion and its sensitive portrayal of a friendship across generations. Robert doesn't think so, knowing as he does that he is the school geek. But something compels him to do what Edith asks - to visit old Chance House, where a boy once fell to his death from the top floor flat, to confront his fears and find some answers.This is one of those rare and truly exceptional stories. A book that captures the heart and will live on in memory for ages. The story defies an age group, while not suitable for youngest children, it can be read and enjoyed by juveniles and adults with equal pleasure. There are both a young 13-year-old and a senior citizen character for readers to possibly choose one over the other to identify with, though the book is told from the 13-year old's point of view. By turns funny and sad, mythical and mysterious, this is a book that many readers say they found hard to put down and have never forgotten. Singer was walking by the sea one cold April day when she came across a large abandoned house that she had never noticed before, inspiring a chain of imaginings that became Feather Boy. Inventive, original and full of surprises, it’s the sort of dazzling debut novel that most publishers would fall over themselves to snap up…”

This read was an extremely good surprise! It is incredibly touching, moving, and well written. The ending really brought a lump to my throat. This is one of these children’s books to which you can’t really limit the age of the reader, because it can be enjoyed at all ages. I have to admit the beginning was quite creepy and I was really expecting some paranormal part. I almost stopped reading because I was scared of being too scare (I know, shame on me, this is a children’s book haha, but I really can’t read anything with spirits and scary stories). In the end, no harm done, the story didn’t go anywhere scary! Just a false alarm then. Anyway, if I had read this book when I was nine, I think some parts of the story would have been too frightening for me. The second part of the novel really went far from this atmosphere and focused on the relationship between the little boy and Edith, the Elder he does the project with.

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But something compels him to do what Edith asks – to visit old Chance House, where a boy once fell to his death from the top floor flat, to confront his fears and find some answers. Niker the bully thinks this is a great laugh. He challenges Robert to spend the night at Chance House with him – but there the balance of power changes, and it is Robert who proves to be the stronger. Robert is directed to a creepy old derelict house where rumour has it a boy about his age once jumped to his death from the top floor apartment thinking he could fly. Robert must race against time to figure out the mystery of the house and learn himself how to truly fly.

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