A Light in the Flame: A Flesh and Fire Novel

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A Light in the Flame: A Flesh and Fire Novel

A Light in the Flame: A Flesh and Fire Novel

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She abused him and he let it happen so he could protect Sera long before she ever was anything to him.

Listening to the audiobook instead of reading the book made Sera’s inner monologues feel even longer and more repetitive.he truly accepted her reasons why and understood where she was coming from and how desperate she must have been to want to fulfill the plan. Kolis would’ve preferred to kill Nektas but if he killed him in any manner outside of self-defense, all of the other draken throughout the realms would have gone after Kolis as they would’ve taken the act personally. Nektas and Sera talk about a variety of things after the announcement, and Sera is the only person who can get Jadis–Nektas’ daughter–to eat off a fork. She feels like a blindfold has been put on her eyes and quickly remembers the lessons from Holland, who had taught her to hone her other senses with a blindfold on. Sera slams her hand against Nyktos’ chest, releasing pure, Primal essence into him, and shoving him backwards.

Jadis and Reaver are also so adorable – though Reaver would probably hate that description – but I love that they had slightly bigger roles in this book.Sera visits him the next day, and they decide to go to Irelone, though Nyktos is not happy with how accommodating she’s acting, and how pliable she is–something he points out to her and tells her that she was taught to act this way. Then they talk about the Coronation, and he tells her that they won’t be seeing each other tomorrow because there’s a belief that seeing one another before the start of the coronation will ward off bad luck. Ector is the first one to break rank, and lower himself to one knee, saying that they will do what they can to be deserving of such an honor. I’d finally had a taste of being something other than a means to an end, a weapon to be used and then discarded.

Nyktos tells Ector that Sera was attempting to make her way to Dalos to kill Kolis, and then Nyktos takes her to his room and tells her that she’s going to be sleeping within arms length of him. Her despair and vulnerability were more apparent to everyone in this book, making her softer, but still deadly, and the way Nyktos and Nektas were there to support her was amazing. Nyktos then explains to Seraphena that they don’t know why the Cimmerian are there, but if they are attempting to take her, they will also know that he will have little support in getting her back especially if she’s not his official Consort, so he doesn’t want to make it easier for them to kidnap her. She claims that he’s the one that’s committing misdeeds, and Nyktos tells her he’s curious how she’s going to rationalize this.But I surprised myself by taking my time and just enjoying being back with Sera, Ash and all the drama.

Attes also mentions that there has been a lot of complications, and Nyktos says he assumes Attes had nothing to do with that. Their love story is somewhat tragic for two individuals who are not even familiar with the concept of love. Nyktos and Seraphena continue their conversation in the privacy of his office, where he tells her that he chose to get his Kardia removed because he saw what the loss of love did to his father and to his uncle, so he didn’t want to repeat either of those mistakes. A Light in the Flame picks up where we left off in A Shadow in the Ember and despite loving the first book and giving it a 5⭐️ rating, I think the series started to lose its magic for me especially after TWOTQ. I’ve read a lot of negative reviews to A War Of Two Queens and it took me awhile to get through it myself, but it’s so worth it!He picks her up and they argue some more about her being in pain, but eventually he carries her to her chambers, where he inspects her wound, and she tells him about the God that told her about her smelling like blood and ash.

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